Food and beverage
Food and beverage

Food and beverage

Goods lift for Hotels, Restaurants, Holiday farms, Pizzerias, Canteens, Bars, Wine bars

Main features:
In  such installation contexts are supplied goods-lifts of low/medium capacities from 300Kgs to 1500Kgs, available also with Operator on board (attended).
Also used by Hotels to transport garbage bins, waste or laundry or used to connect warehouses to stock the goods. They are suitable to be inserted also in small spaces.
The surfaces can be made of Stainless steel class 304 or 316   for food transport to serve restaurants or canteens.
Our goods-lift is often supplied with retractable roof solution, complete with cabin and closing hat (also for outdoor). It allows to keep the external upper surface without perimetral protections with a drive-over roof. The upper surface can be finished to match your drive or patio in stone, tiles, decking or gravel making your goods-lift virtually invisible and with possibility to take advantage of this surface, for example, to put a restaurant table above the hat (when the goods-lift is not in use). 

Suggested goods-lifts models:
UP single column goods lift from 300Kgs to 1500Kgs
UPRT goods lift with retractable roof