Goods lift for Logistic Departments, Warehouses, Storages, Industrial fittings.

Main features:
Available with capacities from 300kgs to 4000Kg, models UP and DL also with one Operator on Board (attended). 
The systems can be easily installed in mezzanines made of metal carpentry or masonry.
Built specifically for high frequency use, provided with high efficiency motor IE3 and heat exchanger for intensive use in continuous cycles.
Thanks to its high strength, our goods-lifts are suitable for aggressive applications even when the loading is done with forklifts and also for concentrated loads.
They can be equipped with up to 8 mechanical hooks to guarantee a perfect stability during loading/unloading operations.

Suggested goods-lifts models: 
UP single column goods lift from 300Kgs to 2500Kgs
DL 2 or 4 columns goods lift from 3000Kgs to 5000Kgs