GDO - Large scale Retailers
GDO - Large scale Retailers

GDO - Large scale Retailers

Goods lift for Supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, shopping malls, discount stores, wholesalers, business services

Main features:
In  this context of application flow rates are required starting from 1000Kgs up to 4000Kgs. Those systems are expressly built with a very robust structure which permits loading with forklifts and also for concentrated loads. Our Goods-lifts can be also equipped with up to 8 mechanical hooks to ensure a perfect stability during loading/unloading operations.  
Automatic doors can also be supplied to help to speed up the cycle operations and they are always controlled by safety contacts.

Suggested goods-lifts models: 
UP single column goods lift from 1000Kgs to 2500Kgs
DL 2 or 4 columns goods lift from 3000Kgs to 5000Kgs