Manufacturing sector
Manufacturing sector

Manufacturing sector

Goods lift for Metalworking, Electrical, Plastics, Textiles industries

Main features:
Wide range of flow rates from 300Kgs up to 5000Kgs, available also with Operator on board (attended).
Our goods-lifts can be easily installed to serve existing mezzanines by providing the complete supply of the metal structure compartment.  The platforms are very strong and suitable for loading with electric pallet trucks or fork-lifts.  It will always remain stable thanks to the mechanical hooks actioned at the levels.
Automatic doors can also be supplied to help to speed up the cycle operations and they are always controlled by safety contacts.

Suggested goods-lifts models:
UP single column goods lift from 300Kgs to 2500Kgs
DL 2 or 4 columns good lift from 3000Kgs to 5000Kgs